Pflugerville Dental Fillings

Fixing Cavities & Repairing Teeth

If you need to have a cavity in your tooth filled, your Pflugerville dentist will first get rid of the decayed area of your tooth. But the remaining hole needs to be filled to replace the missing area. Fillings also repair teeth that are cracked, broken or worn down due to such behaviors as tooth grinding or biting your nails. A tooth filling is a routinely done process and is virtually painless.

What Happens During a Tooth Filling?

The first step to having a tooth filled is to anesthetize the tooth using a local anesthetic. After the local anesthetic injection is given, you should feel little to no pain. Once your tooth is numb, the decayed area of your tooth gets removed. Dr. Chris Mun will probe the tooth to make sure all decay has been removed. Then the dentist cleans the tooth cavity thoroughly and removes debris and bacteria.

A liner may be placed in the tooth if the hole is close to a root. Then the filling material is placed and polished. If you choose to have tooth colored fillings, you’ll have a few other steps before your filling is completed. Your dentist will eliminate the decay in your tooth and clean the area. Then, layers of a tooth colored fillings material are applied. A specialized light is next used to harden the individual layers of filling. When the layering process is complete, composite material will be placed, trimmed and polished, and your tooth health has been restored.

Our highly skilled dentist will assist you in choosing the correct filling material for your needs and budget. Make an appointment online or call our Pflugerville office today!