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Benefits of Traditional Braces

While there are many orthodontic options out there now, sometimes traditional braces provide the most effective option for straightening teeth and perfecting smiles. Clear aligners and lingual braces are more discreet, but they can not treat every orthodontic issue. Traditional metal braces also tend to be the most affordable option for orthodontic treatment. 

Clear aligners are thin, plastic trays that are custom-made to fit your teeth perfectly. They gently apply even pressure to move your teeth into correct alignment. Because of this, they can be quicker and more comfortable than traditional braces. However, they can not treat severe orthodontic issues such as large gaps, extreme overbites or underbites, and teeth that are extremely rotated or misshapen. Clear aligners are also removable, so it is easy to forget to put them in which would delay your treatment. For these reasons, traditional metal braces may be a better option for many patients.

Metal vs. Clear Traditional Braces

Metal traditional braces use metal brackets that a wire will run through. Small rubber bands will hold this wire in place. With clear, or ceramic braces, the brackets are not metal and are either tooth-colored or clear. The major difference between clear and metal traditional braces is aesthetics. There is no real difference in the effectiveness of treatment, it is simply a personal choice. Some patients prefer to have brackets that more closely match the color of their teeth, while other patients don’t mind having silver metal brackets. For patients who feel self-conscious about their smile and want to minimize the visibility of their treatment, clear or ceramic brackets may be a better choice. Also, while both options are quite durable, metal brackets are usually stronger, as ceramic or clear brackets can be accidentally chipped or damaged. For this reason, traditional metal braces may be a better option if you play contact sports.

Who is a Good Candidate for Traditional Braces?

If you are looking to perfect your smile and correct your bite with orthodonture, you are probably a good candidate for traditional braces. To find out, it is important to come in for a consultation with Dr. Mun. By coming to our dental office in Pflugerville, Dr. Mun will be able to sit down with you and give you honest advice based on your individual needs. If Dr. Mun thinks you may benefit from orthodontic treatment with either clear or metal traditional braces, he will develop a custom treatment plan for you to make sure you get the care that accommodates your needs, goals, schedule, and budget. To get started, give us a call at (512) 252-4746 or if you’re in Pflugerville, stop by our office at 2606 FM 1825 suite 106 Pflugerville, Tx 78660 today!