Pflugerville Teeth Whitening

Professional Teeth Whitening in Office

Teeth Whitening at Our Office

Teeth are whitened with whitening gels that use peroxide as a main active ingredient. Chemical reactions occur when water, peroxide, and oxygen are combined. Our Pflugerville dentists use a whitening system that is gentle on teeth and still produces beautiful whitening results. Whitening your teeth is a safe process. The whitening process will produce only whiter teeth and no damage to the teeth and gums.

When Should a Person Start Having Their Teeth Whitened?

The soonest a person should start having their teeth whitened is 14 years of age. The earliest a person should begin to whiten their teeth is when all of their permanent teeth are in and stable. From that time forward, routine tooth whitening can continue through their life.

How Much Brighter Will My Teeth Look After the Procedure?

You should expect your teeth to whiten a few shades after a teeth whitening process has been done. Your teeth will look naturally bright. Teeth become a dull color due to various reasons such as medication usage, drinking dark colored soda or coffee, not brushing and flossing regularly, smoking, and age. Having your teeth whitened professionally will cause noticeable improvements in the appearance of your mouth and smile.

Will My Teeth Look Fake If They are Professionally Whitened?

A professional tooth whitening will lighten the color of your teeth considerably without making them look fake. Please remember, some individuals with extremely white teeth have had veneers placed on their natural teeth. Some of these veneers can look like you have false teeth.

Will My Fillings, Crowns and Veneers Whiten, too?

Teeth whitening techniques only work on natural teeth. But you shouldn’t need to worry about whether your teeth will whiten or not unless your front teeth have crowns, veneers or fillings. The only way these types of dental procedures can be whitened is by replacing them.